Beefeaters Manufacturing Certifications

We use FDA certified and HACCP certified facilities for our production. Our factories are up to human food grade standards and are audited on a regular basis, by our employees, to ensure that our quality standards are met. We have a team of quality control experts, who are led by Veterinarian experts, that carefully monitor the manufacturing process for quality control and safety.

Every single lot is tested for a variety of contaminants, with the major contaminants being salmonella, bacteria and melamine, by a globally accredited Third Party Laboratory. We test during both pre and post production to ensure that our products are safe for your pets.

Beefeaters currently holds the following health food safety certificates. Also, all Beefeaters® employees are trained and certified under Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

The following are a list of key certifications that Beefeaters® obtained, click on each to go to the designated pages:

Contact Information:

Every product concern is addressed immediately by a member of our QA team. We thoroughly investigate all reported incidents.
If you have any concerns about the manufacturing of our products or our safety precautions, please contact us via the contact form on the "Contact Us" page on this site.

For more information on HACCP Certification, please visit the FDA website.